People have asked me, “Do you consider

  • People have asked me, “Do you consider yourself a trailblazer?” Absolutely not. And the reason I say this is, I am aware of the women who came before buy mt me. I have heard some of the stories of the challenges thrown into their path as they tried to navigate through the field. Because of the time I entered the business, I haven’t had that same experience.

    I’ve said this over and over and over again: The players and the coaches, whether we’re talking about men’s college basketball or the NBA, have been my soft landing spot. Because any time I’ve walked into the gym, with those particular entities, I have never felt less accepted because of my gender. It’s almost as if basketball has just sort of embraced me.

    Would I say it’s important? I understand I have an obligation—I’ve always felt the obligation to work incredibly hard and make whatever assignment my bosses have given me—[I do] the best possible job I can do at it.

    When the news broke that your were going to take on this analyst role full-time, the reaction was positive. How does it feel to get that warm welcome from your peers and does that put pressure on you?

    I was blown away by the number of people who reached out and how kind they were and their sentiments. There seems to be far less objection to my presence than there was even five years ago. It takes some time to get used to (a female voice). I definitely feel a shift in feeling for me sitting in the analyst’s chair from outside of the game.

    And any time there is acknowledgment from those who are doing the job that you’re doing, that’s especially significant because those are the people who are in it, they understand the challenges, the ups and downs of the profession. It meant a great deal buy mt coins to me to see the kind of reaction.



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